The Must-Have Office Furniture in Post-COVID

The Must-Have Office Furniture in Post-COVID

It has been a year since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in the Philippines which has led most companies to adopt a work-from-home structure to possibly remain profit growth. Even so, this working scheme has literally tormented the progress, collaboration, and communication among employees over time.

Today, businesses are in the phase of normalizing the office operations that shall help them get back their responsiveness and professionalism on track. On the other hand, this would have them consider an essential rescaling of office furniture or layout to properly make up the new normal precautions and provide employees a comfortable and productive working environment since, up to this writing, no one knows when this pandemic will last.

Here are the office furniture or areas that need special attention before making a fully operational office that is beneficial in both the present and future:

Investing in office workstations

Now’s the perfect time to really invest in a professional office workstation and here’s why! The use of this workplace management allows employees to have a personal space wherein they can accomplish their deadlines accordingly. At the same time, it limits direct contact from one another through built-in dividers. These partitions are available in two options, the modular and screen panel, which blend perfectly in the office space. 

  • Modular workstation: This tends to have a more spacious table surface to make room for paper files and such while featuring mid to high partitioning to increase one’s work efficiency and concentration.
  • Screen panel workstation: As the name suggests, it has a low partition which is an ideal use for immense team collaboration. In this manner, the immediate heads or team leaders have an easier touch base on the projects’ progress.

A good office chair

The whole pandemic thing has taught us to properly invest in one’s body, so might as well take into account – generously – every employee’s overall well-being through a good office chair. This simply means to take advantage of ergonomic office chairs because it makes a promising purchase in the office and company scene.

There are a number of choices of ergonomic office chairs in the market which encompasses a certain level of comfort to the body. One of the features that must be well-looked into is the adjustability may it be the backrest, armrest, or the seat itself as it plays a crucial role in comfort. This way, the staff are able to calmly relax their bodies and remain in a proper body posture despite chasing the work done, and as an end result, tasks are highly well-executed and productivity spirits within themselves aim high.

Learn more about the ergonomics of office chairs, here!

Providing better acoustics

Even if employees are working in offices, holding a face-to-face interaction like large conferences is still not advisable with this alarming situation that’s why towards the down surge to the extinction of the disease, town hall meetings will keep mending ways to continuously make an effort in connecting and propagating business ideals.

That being said, it will require a customized office space with complete soundproofing to delve into a deeper concentration as regards the agendas and tasks. A better solution on this matter will be an operable wall partition that can completely eradicate reverberations of distant noises that are far from possible in the workplace alone. This type of acoustics also makes a professional background during virtual calls and has options for customizations based on the clientele’s requirement.

A biophilic office interior design

Most businesses have decided to reduce the number of working days that instead of from the regular five to six days, it now becomes 4 to 5-days to limit the organization’s exposure to the contagious virus. This means employees must brace themselves in a truckload of work which is equivalent to a toll of stress regardless of its best intentions.

Furnishing the working premises with a biophilic or nature-inspired office interior design expels the toxicity and tension on every worker that allows them to reconnect and to recompose for better productivity and focus. These earthy elements like plants of sizes can be placed in the corners or planter boxes to curate a more relaxing ambiance. Moreover, it helps to naturally purify the air circulation in the office to make a lot of clean and green air to breathe which is vital during this health crisis.

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