Shelving Options for Mobile Compactor

Shelving Options for Mobile Compactor

In the previous blogs, we’ve highlighted the importance, reliability, and durability of a mobile compactor in every office. These engineered shelves are designed with modern technology which results to a considerable asset for future reference of company stability.

This high-grade and beneficial mobile shelving system offers dozens of ways to utilize the inside storage smartly and effectively.

Today, we bring this list of shelving options that will further systematize office archives:

  1. Lateral compact shelving

This is the basic shelving design that is reliable in holding office records and non-disclosure business contracts for short-term and long-term archive or for electronic gears. This varies in four kinds:

  • File compact shelving – a box type body frame with partition plate between sections, the adjustable middle columns are furnished with a steel cable fixed triangle to eliminate shabbiness
  • Cabinet type compact shelving – an increased security on each layer is displayed with the closed baffle and has a non-moisture feature
  • Double column file compact shelving – respective layers are adjustable and composed of two blocks using cold drawn steel and hot rolled steel rails
  • Three column file compact shelving – compartments are made in mosaic of camphor for pest control which enables a maximum protection on stored files
  1. Reproduction compact shelving

This kind of modified storage system is commonly used in those of engineering and architecture firms which serves the purpose of blueprint preservations for different infrastructures.

Shelves are fabricated with camphorwood boards and fragrant camphor to maintain the good quality of illustrations. The element of camphor to this state-of-the-art storage solution has an anti-microbial chemical which prevents each sheet from getting rot and accumulation of molds in due time.

  1. Accounting files compact shelving

On this compact shelving, holding the black and white financial reports are guaranteed with high sense of censorship and security. The frames are designed to be dense and firm in guarding statement gems to keep an eye on the annual profit gains and losses which is a basis for integration and recalibration of market strategy.

Hence, each layer spacing are adjustable to uphold a well-arranged financial record. This feature promotes a highly organized filing system that is easy to track down such documents like the business’s proof of transactions as they abide to the annual auditing process mandated by the higher sectors.

  1. Medical compact shelving

Using a compact shelving in the healthcare industry, which is ever dynamic, is highly profitable in securing the good condition of each medical instruments, tools and high value medicines. This storage system gives a well grip in arranging hospital equipment inventories and allows the items to have a safe place which delimiting the subject of theft on premium medicinal products.

  1. Intelligent combat dense shelf

Safety is not a problem! Instead of the common shelving option, the combat shelves are developed to get a hold on the formidable transpiration of national calamities and emergencies. These safe box-like are easy to remove from its overall frame structure with the carry handle on both sides, making it convenient for every one who is on the rush to secure the highly confidential files or equipment on their hands.

  1. Custom-made compact shelving

Different industries need a unique compact shelving system that will inhibit them to systematize their operational tools and equipment. Rocco Furnishing International can modify compactor shelves based on the client’s preference and subject of use.

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