Operable Wall : The Proper Precautions and Maintenance

Operable Wall : The Proper Precautions and Maintenance

It is certified that operable walls have been the most efficient solution in maximizing a blank space or re-ordering the structure of a consumed place while embracing the idea of versatility and universality in each area. However, these investment worthy movable walls don’t guarantee a hassle-free operation because the frequent use can make it overdue. These require high-maintenance care for a smooth flowing business errands, today and the coming days.

Practice these precautionary measures that will make the operable wall system on its best functionality while leaving every scene an extraordinary experience:

Provide training

Having installed one of these operable walls in the business property will have to accompany with the rightful information manual on how each mechanism works to execute the served purpose effectively. Likewise, making your personnel in-charge knowledgeable with the features prevent incorrect operations that can disrupt the overall performance.

Also, it will be ideal to only have a designated staff who is fully responsible in operating these movable walls so as to disallow the chances of having abnormal occurrences in the wrong hands.

Regular cleaning

This economical walling system demands to have a dedicated time to get the vast feature fully rinsed and dry. These mountable panels have multiple finishes that corresponds to a certain cleaning procedure:

  • Fabric: This kind of panel upholstery must be vacuumed to get rid of the deep-rooted dusts and as for liquid residuals, use water-based or solvent-based cleaning agents.
  • Vinyl: The ideal cleaning solution for vinyl movable panels is by laddering a mild detergent dissolved in water thru the use of soft cloth or sponge. Do not use coarse rubbing tools like the steel wools to avert scratches and to remain a good quality panel appearance.
  • Glass: Use a dampened cloth with a neutral detergent to have a squeaky-clean operable glass panel or any available glass cleaner in the market.

On the other hand, the involvement of tracks and trolleys to its mechanism would likely accumulate dusts too that must be diligently removed to not affect the gliding feature. If not, these can make the panels unmovable or stagnant in its place. Moreover, a regular lubrication is needed in its general mechanism to achieve a seamless and effortless maneuver work to each mounted operable wall.

Abnormal wear

Apart from the regular cleaning and knowing the basic operation of the operable wall, a frequent check on the in-depth features must be done, like on the suction details. These tractions are one of the key tools to fully optimize the soundproofing purpose of the whole area which makes a requirement to each panel to be properly engaged to one another and on the floor and ceiling.

Also, it is important to see that the panels are not touching the floor surface because this could mean that there is some trouble in the anchorage above the operable wall which calls for an immediate report to the service provider. If this is ignored, serious accidents can take place.

Maintenance and inspection

A scheduled maintenance check by your operable wall service provider equals the chances of prolonging a premium quality and forbids the probability of spending another hefty price when the damage is already worse and done. The regular inspection helps in identifying the unforeseen malformations that may transpire in the next leisure or professional usage, nonetheless, it is highly advisable to have a quarterly or semi-annual check for the suspended walls which are on a daily consumption like in those partitioned events place and such.

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