Operable Wall System

Operable Wall System

Smart choices on institutionalized spaces is the key to having a highly sustainable place for efficient collaboration. With the fast dynamics in the business, owners have to make vast improvements to meet up the demands in the office and market schemes. One of those innovations is by securing a place that can provide a balance of exclusivity and universality.

Taking today’s limelight are the operable walls which have raised the bars in walling system standards to different commercialized interior furnishes. These are movable walls that act as a space divider like the ones found in convention centers. Nonetheless, it can be also of use in offices, schools and such places that require partitioning as walls behold the future of success.

Here are the need-to-know underlying benefits of a movable wall partition before jumping to a big switch from the regular walling structure:

Create more spaces

The traditional walling system delimits a certain area to hold various scales of guests for each thick structure can only accommodate a fixed number of people while on operable walls, it values the idea of being a space efficient partition. Its movable panels don’t consume too much floorspace for it has a standard density of 66mm, width of 1230mm and height that can reach up to 4500mm.

This type of partition recreates floorspace into multifunctional venues with operable panels that are lightweight and seamless to maneuver or to swivel, in the case of recreational hosting or professional use which is far from possible with a cemented wall.

Easy installation

Gone are the days of the long and messy job work in piling up cements to create a solid wall division. Operable walls are easy to mount with the fabricated panels suspended in the trolleys which are embedded in the ceiling surface and suction features placed on the topmost and bottom part for stability purposes, instead of having tracks on the feet angle which is prone to rusting and affects the overall performance of the mechanism.

The installation time would only cover a couple of days to complete the whole process versus the cemented wall that requires longer hours and can end up in months to get done, dry and ready for usage.

Noise reduction

The massive figure of fixed walls allows to have an exclusive meeting but with movable partitions, it also observes the idea of privacy and confidentiality through having a better acoustic panel. This soundproofing feature is made possible with materials like the glass, timber or acoustic absorbent fabric which helps in securing the close door conversations and diminishes the distant noises on the outside.

Having these operable walls became an ideal space divider to a blank canvas that aims to conduct simultaneous activities while remaining a high drive of focus during board meetings or even on large events like the company summits or social expos without worrying to disturb the other side of the place.

A value for money

The whole installation and high-grade mechanism feature of an operable wall is a great way of being cost-efficient than having to build a hollowed wall structure which needs to have a handful of men to commence the truck load of work. These movable wall systems are investment worthy across businesses as it values a remarkable vision for longevity purpose with a durable and sustainable facet.

Design feature

These operable walls keep its versatility for having choices for an accustomed laminate finish. This is to add some personal touches in having their brand identity affixed on the movable wall systems, most especially for renowned institutions.

These modification options allow to justify ones’ credibility in the industry and add sophisticated aesthetics to the once ordinary dry place. At Rocco Furnishing International, we also make dual purpose customization such as whiteboard finish on the other side of the operable wall and alike to maximize the spatial coverage.

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