Operable Wall Partitions: Learning of Functions and Mechanisms

Operable Wall Partitions: Learning of Functions and Mechanisms

On the previous blog, we’ve discussed the benefits of a movable wall in transforming floor spaces to a sustainable and efficient area for collaboration and productivity, whether for small or large scales. Now, it’s time to learn the magic behind the irrevocable mainstream success of the operable wall partitions by digging down to its mechanism and feature details.

In this writing, you’ll get to know the specific must-have features of the movable partitions so as to completely adhere to the goal of having a purposeful professional place in the business property.

Panel Design

The operable panels have adapted to changes of modernization by having a sleek looking wall design without compromising the idea of high-grade materials and cost-efficient versions starting with:

The Frame

The backbone structure of these movable walls is made up with keel materials. A keel is a lightweight steel frame case and can stronghold heat pressures for being equipped as a thermal insulator and fire-retardants. It cannot be easily depleted by the use of square aluminum steel keels while observing the provisioned spacing to secure the safety and stability of the overall structure. This feature is versus with the old school version of wooden keels which are likely to be deteriorated by the termite colony – eventually.

The Soundproofing Fibers

Besides the acoustic absorbent fabrics, a deep sense of noise elimination is used on panels through the glass wools. These are sponge-like fibers which are shattered in equal density and laid within the framing structure before putting into place the remaining outer finishes. This makes it possible to contain in place the inside reverberation and in vice versa.

Panel Seal

One of the sole purposes in installing fabricated operable partitions is to shun out the stubborn clamors in different directions that surrounds the secluded hall. This is possible with movable walls as it entirely closes the minute spaces through the two sealing requirements which goes horizontally and vertically.

Horizontal Panel Seal

To completely conceal the entry of noises is through the corner seals that are found on both sides of the movable panel. These are conically-shaped puzzle junctions to air tighten and to block the sounds coming in between boards and against the walling structure. Hence, it is made high-density to withstand the strong collisions and to suppress the heat index ranging up to 100-degree Celsius.

Vertical Panel Seal

Vertical panel seals have suction features in the topmost and bottom sections of the operable walls which are coined as the sweep seals. This traction mechanism is made with multi-fingered vinyl seals that are in a staggered position to bridge in the gaps on the floor and ceiling.

In addition, it is made retractable which is activated through the stainless-steel crankshaft present in every panel. This iron-finished design is found on the sides of the board that enables the users to adjust the sealing coverage with the use of a telescopic jamb activator, an L-shape handle which acts as a lever.

Types of Operable Wall and Tracking System

Unto the next feature are the kinds of operable partitions. These movable walls are differentiated by the floor to ceiling altitude which makes it correspond to a specific railing system, and not just some of those track systems that fits all, because each is dedicated to a different nature of use.

65 Series Operable Partition

The 65 series operable partition is furnished with a high-quality anodized aluminum frame which is in-charge of making the panel corrosion resistant in times of calamities or emergencies. It has a standard thickness of 65mm, 1230mm of width and height of 4500mm. This type of movable wall is best suitable for restaurants, schools, office, hospitals and alike as it can insulate sounds up to 45-decibels. Having this kind of partition will have to opt between two tracking system:

  • 65 Series Operable Partition: This tracking system is designed for an omni-directional panel weighing to 225-kilogram with two carriers per panel. Its wheels have precise movements because of the polyformaldehyde material which turns the circling motion as soundlessly as possible.
  • 60 Series Operable Partition: This type of trolley has an option of suspending single or paired panels with a total mass of 250-kilogram with four-wheeled carrier per operable partition. Furthermore, it would be ideal for those center stacking options.

80 Series Operable Partition

The highly reliable anodized aluminum framing of 80 series operable partitions can isolate noises of no greater than 48-decibels making it a better usage in one of the function halls of prime hotels and trade centers. Its dimension measures 80mm in thickness, 1230mm, 5500mm in width and height, respectively. However, it only leaves one tracking system option.

  • 80 Series Track System: This trolley system features almost the same as the 60 series track system, but it’s designed to carry omni-directional panels which can garner a larger mass of 350-kilogram.

100 Series Operable Partition

The excellent feature of 100 series operable partition is composed of a high-quality aluminum frame with composite materials which has a density of 100mm, width of 1230mm and a maximum height of 7500mm. Its acoustic padding can bear such loudness of 53-decibels that makes a valuable instrument for theater houses or other spaces that is in frequent use with booming thuds. This type of movable wall comes in three kinds of tracking choices:

  • 100 Series Track System: This tracking system provides two carriers per omni-directional board with a maximum weight off 650-kilogram. Plus, the wheels are furnished with low-friction material and steel banded.
  • 100 Series Ultrahigh Aluminum Track System: The ultrahigh aluminum tracking system is used if the partition height and weight has not met the standard requirement of an aluminum system. This tracking feature is easier to install and to maintain with a carrying limit of 900-kilogram, even so, it can be codified as self-directing to commence the arrangement.
  • 100 Series Ultrahigh Steel Track System: This railing feature follows the same precautions as the ultrahigh aluminum track system, but it can bear panels up to 1300-kilogram.
Have your leisure and professional space furnished with these economical operable wall partitions.
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