Operable Wall

Operable Wall

Is there an option of getting installed an automatic movable wall? Well, cheers for a great answer because another convenience that can be gained from an operable partition is going for an electric operation that is easy to control with just a single push of a button versus the traditional version which requires a manual labor force.

However, with that given convenience, will the automatic operable panels be still a perfect choice to the space or room division? Here are some factors that need to be considered before having furnished the place with an intelligent walling system.

Purpose of the electric operable partitions

It’s important to know the purpose why you prefer to have the electronic operable partitions installed because this kind of space divider can either enhance or ruin the whole functionality of the place, nonetheless, both are commendable for having an importance of noise insulation. To help in identifying on which is the right partition, a manual or an electric, here are some tips to know:

  • First, if the operable wall will have to be moved as often as possible, then the manual movable panels are highly suggested over the powered versions, this is to prevent the mechanism overruns with an electric operable partition which can cause malfunctions due to the frequent use, at the same time, it can result to hefty expenses as the mechanic works might be needing a change to serve a better function;
  • Second, if the area of installation has to be transformed in a few minutes – either to divide or to maximize the space – the efficient and excellent choice would have to go with the powered operable panels for these are just a single push button or remote control to let the boards set in place compared to the manual ones which has to be operated by several men to get done. Hence, this smart walling system is perfect to have in prime hotels, restaurants, plenary halls and alike;
  • Lastly, if the performance of the space fully depends on the operable walls, a manual walling system will make a wise investment because electric versions have greater chances of system failure with the involvement of mechanical features and this transpiration would most likely cause delays to such exhibitions or presentations.

Examine the size and structure

There are various choices for an operable wall partition, but affecting its end choice on mechanism would have to involve the installation area’s size and structure as some ceiling would require a floor railing system due to the non-load bearing feature. This means it’s not possible to withstand a tantamount weight while having the panels suspended.

Nevertheless, if ceilings are lucky, an electric operable partition can be put into place with the 100 series operable partition along its corresponding tracking system: Ultrahigh aluminum track system or ultrahigh steel track system. These two types of railing options are used when the partition height and weight has exceeded the aluminum system requirement yet reliable for the self-directing feature in arranging the movable panels.

Cost of the automatic walling system

Choosing a powered operable partition will certainly affect the budget allocation with having to install high-grade mechanic materials and accessories. These are the motor parts, clutches, cables and other gears that are needed to fully operate the purpose of the powered system.

On the other hand, chances of having a blowing expenditure is inevitable because these engineered walls need a frequent maintenance check than manual versions. Adding to its moving cost is the mechanism properties which are prone to wear and tear, this burdensome scenario would usually take longer periods to get a replacement as the worn-out pieces are not readily available in the nearest hardware stores in town. This would have to call the immediate service provider to avoid mishandling of case by the company’s in-house technician and to commence the repair appropriately.

Care and maintenance

As aforementioned, an annual schedule of maintenance check on the intelligent walling partition shouldn’t be missed but besides this, a proper handling would include the stacking of panels in the storage place when not in use. This is something to consider if the area is lacking rooms for accommodation. Even so, going for the manual operable wall will be suitable for the given instance because it’s a less handful job and is able to comply with the idea of versatility which everyone looks after for.

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