Office Renovation 101: Frequently Overlooked Office Areas

Office Renovation 101: Frequently Overlooked Office Areas

On the previous feature, we have discussed the overlooked areas during office renovation which mainly results in a bad office layout. Today, here’s the part two on how companies can completely resolve the utterance of poor office dynamics by knowing these details further:

Absence of office ergonomics

One of the forgotten aspects during the purchase of office furniture like the office chairs and desks is the ergonomics value of each piece. In this century, most employees spend 8-hours of their time in the office and worst, going for an overtime or chasing mean deadlines on weekends. In other words, they dedicate most of their time-being almost every day in a workplace that builds such body stress or even more.

To combat the routinary work phase are ergonomic office chairs which are configured to give their spine a relaxing company down to the lower limbs. Likewise, adjustable height tables are encouraged – especially to workload that demands nearly 12-hour sitting. This contemporary table furniture allows workers to have the liberty to stand or to sit, from time to time, in prevention of stiffness on lower back and hips.

Furnishing an office space with ergonomics provides a safe working realm and lessens the development of such illnesses among staff like heart diseases for the accurate blood flow circulation is being adhered within them. This presence would highly result in increased work productivity and quality outputs because it values everyone’s overall well-being.

No common area

What’s even worse in an office is not having a break area, this can be in the form of a pantry, dining area or an office lounge. Putting this kind of amenity in a modern office space is highly conducive because it depicts a cleaner space without having a bunch of food crumbs in each workplace and can serve as a holding area whenever there might be visitors in the premises.

Even more, it is something that employees would really look forward to since it gives a much lighter ambiance. This temporarily isolates them from the toll of work and enables them to relieve and to recompose their minds and actions before going back and chasing the work done. It also allows staff from different departments from a solid foundation of camaraderie which adds to having an outstanding business organization.

Lack of privacy

If the current office layout creates and fosters a loud indistinct clamor in the working premises that leads employees to major misunderstandings – definitely, there is something wrong with the structuring of workplaces or departments. Do remember that it’s an important consideration to maximize the concentration capability of workers, whether in an open or close office layout.

There are a number of ways to resolve this work privacy issues just like the following:

Screen panel or modular workstation

These are workplace management solutions which offer a unique design on partition systems that can go either for a low or high partitioning between workplaces. This feature allows workers to focus on their tasks with a liberty of communication in a much formal manner, at the same time, it provides space optimization to help in creating an efficient workflow.

Meeting rooms

You can say that an office is really bad without even having a critical and reflective hub, the meeting rooms. This is highly-efficient to those office spaces that have adopted an open office layout for it allows to have an exclusive space during close discussions. Providing this war room empowers ordinary employees and executives to get creative, strategic and goal-driven in making precise integrational plans and decisions.

Office interior fit-out

Some nature of businesses would really need a secured office space to hold a proper segmentation among departments – just like the people in the auditing section. This can be achieved through an office interior fit-out which will furnish the blank canvas, from ceiling to ground bearings and electrical pathways to furniture pieces, into a functional occupational space. In this manner, each staff can have a solid-rock concentration and delimits the access of whoever to important business documents and such.

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