Office Renovation 101: Complete Guide to Office Innovation

Office Renovation 101: Complete Guide to Office Innovation

Office renovation naturally disrupts the daily work routine of employees with the surrounding noisy drilling and dusty air circulation in the premises which often leads some business owners to delay or to postpone the enhancement of workplaces. Another reason for procrastination is the workload envisioning among wide and detailed spectrums for the whole innovation and having to allot and to release such amounts in making those visions to reality. Quite a toll, right?

Starting this plan will really take a while to completely map out the execution but it’s all worth the time and investment because the improvement brought by the renovation or fit-out solution is cost-effective in the long run. Furthermore, adapting to the modernized office interior designs and norms could result in having a highly motivated employee spirit in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities while lessening the chances of health risk to those establishments that have withered by time.

To out-smart the hurdles of the whole renovation period, here’s a helpful step-by-step guide that will clear out the needs of each stages:

Stage 1: Listing of renovation visions

It will be of use if in the first place there is a clear goal in office renovation. Create a list citing the areas that needs to be improved along with the ideal solution you may think of. This list will resemble the vision you want to take place. It may also include the replacement of worn out office tables and office chairs, providing modern workstations, a mere space for collaboration like the conference rooms or redefining the storage solution. Doing so is the way to see how large the scope of the project will be and shall lead to the second part, asking the rational thoughts.

These rational thoughts are considerations which are overlooked – at times – but will give light in making ideal choices and strategies for the envisioned contemporary office furniture and space. The two major components in this part are:

Time Frame

The question is when. Creating a timeline for the project is most essential to minimize the delays and potting loss of the company as it affects the overall operations. Nonetheless, upper management would have options to temporarily cut-off the working cycle or provide an alternative space for a continuous service. Either way, make the safest decision for this matter.

Budget Allocation

So, how much will it cost? Getting ready for a hefty expense is given in this scene because the tantamount allocation would also have to cover the contingency budget. This emergency fund is reserved for any sudden change on materials or other expenditures during the fit-out process. Like what most people say, it’s better to be ready than never!

Stage 2: The search for reconstruction team

Now, it’s time to scout for the best and trusted designers and contractors for the project. Looking for a specific team who can furnish the office space excellently and flawlessly is quite a challenge since all of them observe different processes. Even so, here are the professionals whom you have to get along with until due time: interior designers, office renovation contractors and a project manager.

The trio professionals play a vital role to succeed in the renovation project. Each of them has inclined experiences that will maximize the potential of the client’s imagery. At Rocco Furnishing International, we partner our clients with proactive and highly-skilled interior designers, architects and engineers to effectively comply with the ingenious creative and technical requirement. Our team presents perspectives in 3D sketches and technical drawings that include 360-degree floor to ceiling layout with the corresponding options and recommendations which help in solidifying the grounds of remodeling.

Stage 3: Evaluation of renovation site

One of the things to check out for is the spatial size of the renovation area. Our Rocco team conducts site inspections to get a complete track of actual measurement for the fit-out and to check on the condition of the place. This site evaluation must also be coordinated with the resident building engineer in cooperation of the client’s contractor to properly recommend remodeling schemes before applying modification on surfaces.

The evaluation would scope the support beams and load bearing walls because these figures are oftentimes in low condition which is not ideal to suspend operable partitions or such. Another aspect to be seen is the status of electrical pathways, plumbing and mechanical systems and emergency warning systems which make a great effect in creating the drawing plan for each area of reconstruction.

Stage 4: Development of perspectives

General contractor, check! Now’s the time to sit down and have a thorough discussion of the overall renovation vision with the skilled team. Make sure to give a well-detailed directive like the number of office cabinets or clerical chairs in the specific area which will undergo the fit-out process. It is also of great help to the contractor’s end by letting them know the purpose of each office space for it allows them to maximize the functionality while providing the ideal office furniture pieces which are viable to the area measurement.

Take note that this exchange of collaborative ideas does not take place in just one sitting. It will require a series of encounters to have a flawless planning before commencing the office reconstruction. At this point, the discussion of budget allocation on materials will be tackled by presenting a black and white cost estimate which covers the overall amount of quantified materials, plus the labor force.

Stage 5: Communicating the visions

Again, office renovation is very crucial for businesses as it affects the current norm of the work environment. There will be a lot of adjustments if the company decides to have a continuous operation despite having to bear the construction noise, that’s why relaying among employees the innovation plan is a must.

It is wise enough to discuss: first, why the company has taken steps for integration in the office premises; and second, inform them the expected date of renovation completion. This will make employees observe safety protocols and regulate a new working scheme that shall help them to be still productive during the reconstruction phase.

Stage 6: The commencement of office fit-out

The Rocco team makes sure all sorts of permits and insurances required by the client and building owner such as the renovation, zoning, occupational permits and alike before mobilizing all the materials and deploying our workers to the construction site. Finally, let the office renovation begin!

The dusty work will entail an eagle eye on the installation details of office furniture and fixtures because it is perceivably formidable to overlook some particulars. These circumstances are avoided as our project manager makes sure of constant and open communication with the client to adhere to the other needs and requirements that are bounded by execution of our skilled workers. Moreover, an overall inspection is done on a timely basis to see if there are still lapses which demand immediate furnishings and do examination on all electrical loads prior to the project turnover with the certification of completion and acceptance.

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