Office Renovation 101: 6 Things to Consider During Fit-Out

Office Renovation 101: 6 Things to Consider During Fit-Out

Office innovation is not all about the modernization of workspaces nor replacing run-down office furniture with contemporary accents. There are a lot of things to consider in doing an office fit-out because it scopes the efficiency of office plan and workflow productivity in the long run.

Here are the things to consider in the office fit-out process:

Collaboration with employees       

Your business is composed of employees in across departments, to which functions to a certain task or goal. It is an intellectual move to put into consideration the appropriate floor layout along the office workstation. Selecting the ideal modular workplace piece makes an essential role in amplifying the workflow productivity and creativity among staff for every workstation is fabricated to a specific nature of use. Here are some ideas to choose from:

  • L-Shaped Workstation: This kind of workstation is considered as one of the most flexible as it can fit in small office spaces with either open or close floor layout. Another plus factor for this radial workstation is the wide desk feature that can accommodate multitasking effectively that pans from left to right and vice versa.
  • Side-by-Side Workstation: The bench-like workstation promotes open communication which is best placed in an open layout. This has no defined personal space but can provide a lenient privacy with modern ergonomics like the built-in or adjustable partitions.
  • Team Workstation: The team workstation is a popular choice in those offices with an immense spatial coverage and is versatile for being able to adapt in an open or close working environment. Also, it encourages a balance of efficient collaboration to workers without having to book a meeting room during brainstorms and a driven focus, visible on its screen panels.
  • Office Cubicle: This traditional modular workstation demands a big floor space because of the bulky box-like walling configuration, nonetheless, it accentuates employee privacy while working that helps them to be deeply focused on their tasks.
  • Calculating the office space           

    Be realistic! Identifying the actual size of renovation will help in determining the estimated budget allocation and the needed office furniture and fixtures. This manner will help in strategizing intelligently the plans and other technical requirements for the fit-out process as it gives a clear preview on the hurdles which can occur once the reconstruction is commenced.

    One of these challenges are the electrical load distribution, plumbing systems and such. These mechanical works are not as visible to what the worn-out interior furnishes demands because those are found behind the walls and ceilings. Knowing the status of each will be likely a less load of trouble upon creation of drawing plans and will pave way to better suggestions for an office workspace.

    Office sustainability

    In relation to the aforementioned mechanical works, it is highly suggested to have a sustainable energy consumption in the office most especially when it’s a spacious one. This technique not only observes the green movement and advocacies, but becomes profitable for businesses in saving up some of the roving expenses.

    A way to make an office energy efficient is by the use of LED bulbs in lower wattage but high lumens and adapting a centralized air-conditioning system that will cool different areas through the designated fan or ductwork. This will eliminate the need of having to provide each office with one or a number of air-conditioning units.

    Economical office plan

    Doing a total office transformation is quite an essential thing to be done in one’s company, this is to secure the company credibility to clients in the modern times and to provide a safe and ergonomic workplace for the employees, however, the question is “How frequent will it be?”

    Part of office renovation is the incorporation of long-term visions for the business. If the company eyes for an expansion in the next two to three years, it will be just ideal to create more spaces to hold office tables, chairs and workstations for future talents or meeting rooms rather than having to do another set of costly innovation. This phase also signals owners to invest in high-quality office furniture and interior designs that can make it through time.

    A distinct company identity

    One of the main reasons in doing an office renovation is to properly align the company’s norm in the office environment as it lenses the expectations among up and coming clients and employees. This optimal image building helps is preserving the company heritage while flaunting the business highlights which are proven to be viable. At the same time, showcasing the core principles in its aesthetic enables an indelible commitment among staff that uplifts employee morale.

    Selecting the office fit-out contractor

    It takes an experienced team to make your visions to reality!

    At Rocco Furnishing International, we provide highly-skilled architects, engineers and interior designers in bringing to life the creative and technical requirements of the client. Our team conducts site inspection to secure the safety of the project, 3D sketches and technical drawings with equivalent recommendations and options which will further improve the given standards. We make sure that each query is properly attended through our project manager who takes part in overall site inspection, done on a timely basis, during reconstruction and upon turnover of the project.

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