Office Renovation 101: 5 Errors in Office Fit-Out Process

Office Renovation 101: 5 Errors in Office Fit-Out Process

Everyone gets the ecstatic feeling when talking about office renovation because it signals for something new to look forward to and the business’ milestone innovation as well. However, on top of that state could be some mistakes in the reconstruction process despite the best intentions of upgrading the quality in the office workspace.

Owners, this is for you! It is relatively expensive to remodel an office space, but it’s twice and thrice hefty when you do these:

Insufficient planning system                                         

An office fit-out process relies on profound planning. It means anything that is hurried without proper particulars open avenues for greater lapses and huge expenses. Part of the planning stage would include the research on the interior designs and office furniture which you want to be present in the office’s physical structure.

Plotting these particulars in a detailed manner will give a clearer vision and an ideal cost estimate upon inquiring, at the same time, provides a better understanding in the end of the reconstruction team. On the other hand, if it seems challenging to create a well-detailed structuring then it would be highly advisable to seek recommendations from an office interior fit-out specialist. This way, you can optimize the workspace efficiently and effectively right on the dot.

Going for a DIY

A DIY or do-it-yourself fixture might sound cost-efficient because it would not require too expensive materials or labor force than foreseen. Even so, its quality-wise is a big ‘NO’ and not even an option for a fit-out as trouble or mishaps can likely occur in just short notice. This exactly would lead to a doubled expenditure and work.

Eyeing for lower bids               

Budget allocation is probably the toughest part in office renovation. Every reconstruction has an initial working budget for bidding to know how the whole project will be executed with the given amount, and at this point, it is one of the most indecisive decisions which transpires.

Take note that low-cost bids would mostly mean that the materials used will be a lot cheaper and can not guarantee the expected sturdiness on office furniture and fixtures. Remember that not only modern aesthetics that the office fit-out is after, but it must be investment-worthy in the long run.

Rushing of project

The whole office reconstruction would really take time to get finished, most especially when it’s a large space to refurbish and the technical requirements are too delicate, so reprimanding the fit-out contractor to rush over the dusty workload phase will generate no good to the whole project. The hasty act can result in under quality or unstable finishes on office furniture and fixtures which might cause harm to the employees, in time.

It is also viable to have an at least 10-percent added time to the expected date of completion. This time allowances are used for some adjustments on furnishes, if there are any, and other testing on electrical loadings or such.

Ineffective office fit-out contractor

If the chosen fit-out contractor is someone who gives a hard time in reaching them out whenever there are concerns regarding the project and doesn’t meet the specific technical requirements during the presentation then, it is best to have them replaced before some horrific implementations take place in the reconstruction period.

Keep in mind that the office renovation contractors are the ones who will bring life to the office innovations you have planned so they must be proven professional not only in their portfolios, but also on how they connect and address the project. At Rocco Furnishing International, we make sure to have an open communication with owners and give updates through the assigned project manager. This way, we can prevent shortcomings and be more time and cost-efficient to the business investment.

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