Office Layout Ideas for Your Business

Office Layout Ideas for Your Business

A great office working space is not only defined by having contemporary office interior designs and office furniture pieces, but also on how each is portrayed in an office layout. The office layout is a floor plan that aims to systematize the full potential of the working space, in consideration of the furniture and other office equipment, therefore, it creates an organized and safe working space that observes the idea of office ergonomics.

Giving importance to its ergonomic elements would likely be able to simplify effectively the piling tasks of employees, because if not, it can break the workflow productivity and can eye health hazard issues. One example of a poor office layout has a congested space wherein by merely looking at it – tension is visible almost everywhere. On the other hand, a good office layout would be adopting the company culture and nature of industry while continuously building an enriching working environment for the staff.

Here are some ideal office layouts which can be amenable to your business’s nature:

Private office

Private offices are a popular choice to those businesses that serve on legal matters or health consultations because these lines of work require confidentiality among clients. The privacy needed in this type of office layout would need an additional floor space to make a number of rooms, at the same time, the private space will be at its best if secured with soundproofing features to remain a discreet discussion.

However, its cons are the separate lighting and other electric loading – aside from the refurbishment of rooms – which is quite cost-ineffective and a diminished interaction with other peers. A helpful way to address interaction is to have an office space or lounge area where they can come together to bond while allowing them to relax from tons of workload commitment.

Open space

The best choice for companies that have a dominant millennial staff would be adopting an open space layout for they can perform at its best when in a fact pacing environment. This working layout enables an open communication and cohesive collaboration with the absence of high partitions. It would only demand a large space to place in rows, normally, the office tables or workstation systems with low partitioning or similar to a screen panel divider.

Furthermore, natural lighting is very adequate in the office workspace that prevents some fatigue issues while getting the work done. But despite this commendable feature is its downside, the too much openness of the workspace may create louder noise during brainstorm sessions that inhibits co-workers to concentrate on their work. To make avoid of this such issuance is allotting an ample area for meeting rooms that gives peace from distractions.

Office cubicle layout

This is the typical working layout design in big corporations as it offers a balance of privacy and alliance through the separation of mid-high and high partitions which includes built-in tables, office cabinets – for some – and a noise cancellation property to drive deep focus in accomplishing individual tasks.

Its feature would have a register as a bulky type, but it doesn’t need an extra floor space compared to the private office layout because these workstations are made lightweight yet sturdy materials that are easy to assemble and to dismantle. Even more, these cubicles are versatile for making a professional looking workspace and can go either a row or a quad formation, likely for a team, to have an efficient collaborative breakthrough.

Team cluster

As the name suggests, it may seem sketchy at first glance but hey – it works highly-efficient to those creative industries like the advertising agencies and corporate firms. This permits an immense streamline conversation and teamwork for a quality work output without having to book a meeting cell. But then again – just like the others, there is a con that may transpire to a bigger work issue.

Since these are made for team-based working schemes, secrecy of ideas or proposals are easily heard from one to the other group and this exactly might do away with employees’ camaraderie spirit. Also, this type of layout has limited space which makes working and accommodating documents quite a hassle, at times.

Co-working office layout

A co-working office layout boasts a fully-furnished working space – from office furniture to office equipment – which definitely is not common in the Philippine office setting. The well-equipped office space has a flexible working dynamic and is usually incorporated with a fair interior design of office and homey ambiance which gives a more enjoyable and relaxing working environment. But wait, here’s what you need to know!

This type of workspace is intended for lease, whether renting the whole spatial area or a number office desk, who can’t afford to buy an exclusive business space on their own. Most ideal for small companies or start-ups. Nonetheless, there can be sort of a problem with this workspace layout especially when it’s just leasing a small-scale area because privacy and security are interfered along with other lessors.

Still haven’t found the right office layout for your office space? Let our Rocco team handle it for you. Let us know your requirements here!

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