Modern Office Workstation

Modern Office Workstation

With the so-called “New Normal’ brought by the world pandemic today, businesses too have to quickly adapt with the norm of social distance. Companies have accommodated this safety protocol by putting a fixed gap among office workstations, but a better way to attend this matter is to have modern workstations thru office partitions that are sustainable in reducing health risks while businesses plan to resume office operations in due time.

The return of office partitions

In the modern workplace trends, open-office designs are more favorable than office partitions for employee’s can freely move and communicate easily with their co-workers. But in the concurrent situation, employees value more the idea of personal safety in their respective work areas.


The rebirth of “officles”

While office cubicles seem to return its popularity and demand caused by the pandemic, some business owners practice the office style called “officles”. This is the idea of crossing between an office and a cubicle by abolishing at least one wall.

With this type of renovation, air can freely flow throughout the office that promotes the prevention of viruses from circulating in a closed area.

Reconstruct the existing office furniture

This is to align with the health measures on workplaces reprimanded by the government. Office desks must be spaced at least 1-meter, while other office furnitures will be removed to comply with the desired distance. You won’t have an office desk buddy for now, but it is to ensure that employees are safe from making unnecessary contact.

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