Mobile Compactor Vs Conventional Filing Storage

Mobile Compactor Vs Conventional Filing Storage

There is no doubt that office furniture, in general, have become a great help to thousands of businesses in providing work phases with a deep sense of organization, convenience, and productivity. But with all the sudden modernization of its product features, it has also become apparent that each ergonomic furniture piece is competing for the spotlight and to be hailed as the best office furniture.

In today’s feature, we will be drilling down details about storage solutions, the filing cabinets versus the mobile compactors. These two storage pieces serve the same purpose of being able to keep and to secure files, yet each has defining assets that makes it truly promising and versatile on storage capability.

Now, let the hunt for the best storage solution partner begin!

Floor space consumption

Filing cabinets are ideal for those work spaces that have minimal records to store. But for some offices, it has turned to be somewhat a pinnacle of vertical filing cabinets from left to right due to company innovations, or just merely making a toll for confidential documents. This has eaten so much floor space and prohibits employees to have a safe walkway to use.

Meanwhile, mobile compactors may look massive for an office setting but in reality, these smart shelves save up storage volume and maximize the floor area for other business recreations by 100% against the conventional filing cabinets.

The test of durability

Filing cabinets have upgraded its durability features with some designs that can double up the accommodation of documents than the usual weight capacity it offers. Plus, the steady design of steel cases making it indestructible. But for a mobile shelving, it can carry an essential work files and gears by at least 80-kg per shelf.

Also, the high-grade steel panels are no ordinary because it’s furnished to be a fireproof case. This quality feature really secures all sorts of documents which can withstand through the roughness of time. This is what you call an efficient way of storing things up!

Systematized office filing

Filing cabinets are used to contain and to secure the office confidential files to prevent it from loss or damage. However, the limited number of drawers and capacity on each makes some offices to purchase another whole cache to accommodate the upcoming records that are needed to be filed as soon as possible. This kind of purchase, over and over, is definitely too much for the company’s expenditures.

While on a mobile shelving, it is a one-time purchase that you need to do because the lateral shelves are enough to hold the office’s long-term and short-term archiving with its customizable feature on compartments. This will take a while to make it full, that’s why vacant spaces are available for other storages too!

It can store other office equipment, electronic gears, and a like to disallow the development of molds and to maintain each item in a good quality condition.

Flexibility and mobility

The good thing about office filing cabinets is that they come with different shapes and sizes. Hence, to adapt further in the modern office workspace, each cabinet’s dimension can be modified accordingly through the guided specifications of the client or adding wheels on the bottom section.

The conventional way of putting wheels on the base is the most convenient and easy way to move documents from one place to another in a fast facing environment in just a single push. – Keep ‘em rolling!

Mobile compactors, on the other hand, are structured with a massive figure which requires an exclusive area of display that is good enough to make the lateral shelves move on tracks. A consideration on space allowance must also be given an emphasis to have a proper ventilation to help remain the outer cases smooth and free from flakes caused by humidity.

Furthermore, moving the compact figure is not as accessible as the mobile pedestals because it will have to have a men on duty since the trail’s base is screwed on the office flooring and upon deciding of relocation, there’s a need for consultation with a building engineer to verify if the eyed place is well enough to handle the weight of the movable shelves and the materials in it because if not, it may cause serious accidents during unfortunate times.

Safety and security

With today’s modern technology, office filing cabinets too have designed their locking system with the latest advancements. Apart from the common key locking mechanism, some cabinets have come up with PIN code or fingerprint access. Others have applied customization in filing cabinets by dedicating a drawer or compartment with a built-in vault to make safe some valuable office items.

As for the mobile compactors, safety feature is doubled because apart from safeguarding the exclusive space, the locking mechanism is made up of a heavy-duty wheel that is lightweight to steer upon opening the bay for the engineered shelves and when completely closed each are accompanied with key locks under the wheel to secure all the high-profile documents and equipment. Likewise, shelves can be modified to have built-in vaults to recline a high definition of security.

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