Is Mobile Compactor the right storage solution?

Is Mobile Compactor the right storage solution?

If you think that having multiple filing cabinets in a single workspace creates a high level of work organization, well, better think twice.

Workplaces are a bit overwhelming not because of the employees who are bustling here and there, but with the filing cabinets that are displayed in almost every corner. These storage cabinets are quite a hassle for pathways can be inaccessible and at the same time, filing or retrieving important documents can be troublesome for the record key holder as some of the drawers are already loaded to tuck in more files or might cause confusion on which cabinet to open that is likely to happen.

Meanwhile, some companies have a smart way to store their documents through investing in an engineered storage system – the mobile compactors – which can get a hold of multiple files vigorously with care.

This kind of systematization has changed the work schemes making every business process a seamless one and a valuable office investment. But is having an office mobile shelving the best storage solution for you? Every office filing storage is designed with a rightful purpose and if not used diligently, it can cause a burden to the company’s workflow rather than maximizing the stability of efficiency tactics.

So, before deciding to have one of those mobile shelves, here are some questions to answer to identify the fittest storage solution in the company:

  1. Do I have enough floor space?

You can’t fit a mobile compactor with just one of the vacant rooms in the office that has no proper ventilation and has a squeaky space. This mobile storage is made compact yet massive in size which makes a requirement to have sufficient space not just during the installation period, but also when the shelves are moving on tracks to open smoothly.

Its heavy-duty and fireproof feature does really safeguard documents from damage, but at times it may cause inconvenience or worst, unfortunate accidents if the place of storage is not examined well to support a tantamount weight. This can be prevented by coordinating with the respective building engineers to evaluate the capacity it can hold.

  1. Does our workflow require a mobile shelving system?

It’s time for you to evaluate the workflow of the employees. Identify what causes them to have tons of documents to file or is it just because they are not well-systemized on their workstations? Doing this checking will allow you to know the hurdles that the workers are encountering on a normal day and to create a better strategy in systemizing the office workspace.

On the other hand, a mobile shelving system is advisable for some companies if their nature of business involves storing high-profile contracts or those industries that do a frequent auditing system.

  1. What are you going to store?

These mobile compactors have an undeniably hefty price so to not make an impractical purchase, you must know what are the things that need to be stored. This massive space solution is made for business use, it is made to hold and archive valuable records of the company for future references. It also welcomes the placing of electronics, gears, blueprints, and such to preserve the quality in an organized manner through the adjustable and customizable compartment features.

Now, if you just plan to have mobile shelving just to systemize the documents of your employees on their workstations, then don’t!

So, do you really need this state-of-the-art smart shelving storage? If you have identified accurately the questions, then this one is for your office!

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