Good Office Chair

Good Office Chair

This is a fact. One of the frequently replaced office furniture in the workspace are the office chairs in versus of the office tables or storage cabinets which are placed with tons of documents and equipment. Unfortunately, this happens because it’s easily worn out with everyday use and for some instances, they are changed without even lasting for a month due to the poor quality of materials. This exactly causes a roving expenditure for the business in the whole year run.

Remember that purchasing an office chair is not simply providing a chair that can be seated by employees. Owners must look into its full spectrum which embodies as a worthy office furniture investment. This means, the high-grade quality should run first before the aesthetic figure it offers. Doing so, you also make an investment on employee’s loyalty. Now, the question is “what makes a good office chair?”

Well, a good office chair is measured by the ergonomics that is experienced by the end users. Ergonomics is the scientific configuration that gives light to the discomfort issues on a certain product, just like the incorporation to office chairs. It is that important because the majority of the workers in across industries spend most of their time-being having a sedentary lifestyle, a long sitting hour job, that can go overtime.

As we speak about having an ergonomic office chair (link of article: 5 Reasons to Invest in an Ergonomic Office Chair), here the components that must be checked upon purchase:

Swivel and base casters                                                                                           

It is a big problem if the office chairs aren’t able to go round fluidly in 360-degree motion. This mobility aspect allows the staff to easily move from one place to another without getting their arms or legs too strained from reaching objects which are out of reach in their workplaces. Meanwhile, the base part – the wheels – must be carefully chosen because not every wheel is capable of rolling on all types of floorings. Poor choice might ruin the ground surface, nonetheless, nylon rolling castors are a good pick for it doesn’t easily scratch the floor and has an outstanding stability effort.

Lumbar support

The lumbar support is the one in-charge of maintaining a good sculpture of the lumbar region or the lower back, up the shoulder level to get that even body posture despite seating for hours. Its absence can lessen the work productivity of employees and might progressively slack off their energy, mood and interest in jobs.

These foreseen problems are brought by the discomfort they feel in the back. The body tensions felt can cause serious spinal problems or the musculoskeletal disorder, a common injury in the workplace, due to the bad quality of an office chair. With the lumbar support, the upper torso muscles are able to relax perfectly and naturally keeps the spine reflexes aligned and intact.

Upholstery option

The upholstery is one of the most overlooked features when in fact, it plays an important role in completing comfortability. In selection of the ideal finish, the top choice would be the mesh fabric because its breathable patterns disallow the compression of heat which cannot be done with a leather finish during the seating position.

Also, the mesh is very durable for longevity purposes compared to other fabric options. Its fibers don’t create hard and visible creases that might leave the surface torn apart and the gift of ease in maintaining a clean and class-looking office chair.


When it comes to adjustability, it scopes not only the gas lift being able to pull up or down. It should entail convenience without the complication on how to operate each properly until on the desired level of comfort. Ideally, there are a lot of adjustable arrangements with an office chair to which includes some of the common are the backrests, armrests and seating.

Keep in mind that upon modifying the backrests, armrests and seating, you must achieve an optimum seating position – meaning, the feet must be laid flat on the floor and have at least 2-4 inches gap behind the knee while seated against the backrest to not create an awkward figure. Even more, make sure that the aforementioned features have a good locking mechanism to forbid any fall out injuries.

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