Different Consumption Types of Office Chairs

Different Consumption Types of Office Chairs

A comfortable working space is not comfortable without the existence of an office chair. These office seatings have various designs and uses which correspond to certain nature, but oftentimes, the tons of innovations in it leads clientele to choose whatever they seem or feel like is aesthetically beautiful to their office interiors hence shouldn’t work that way!

Welcome to the realm of office chairs! A place where you can clearly identify what type of office seating is needed in the office space that shall address comfort and productivity for a working group or an individual! 

Executive office chairs

The ever luxurious seating piece among office chairs. The executive office chairs would take a while to decide on because it is normally handpicked by executives which imbibe close to their personality or preference and to define grace and power as frequently seen in the top management offices.

It features a high backrest, armrests, and wide seating pan that can be quite similar to an ergonomic chair, however, it is overstuffed with cushions or memory foams and detailed contouring to get comfort and relaxation in the middle of business ideals. At the same time, the executive chair is composed above standard textiles for a more classic look that usually involves wood accents and a choice of leather which are:

  • Bonded leather: This choice would hardly tell whether it’s genuine or not, but its material is made up of leather fibers and polyurethane to produce a leather finish look. Even so, it tends to peel easily which requires tender care.
  • Genuine leather: A genuine leather is an expensive choice yet adheres to a certain level of comfort. Like the bonded leather, it shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight to prevent the fading of material and other aesthetic issues.
  • Polyurethane (PU) leather: Over the two options, PU leather is the most sustainable finish because of affordability and easy maintenance while keeping the same surface as genuine leather without using one.


Office task chair

An office task chair is one of the widely consumed office seating since the majority of its users are the rank and file employees of across departments for them to be able to work efficiently, also, a versatile piece which can go around to different work environments and body types. 

An ideal feature in this office chair would have the basic adjustability concepts, wheels, and casters to make use of mobility and accessibility for hard-to-reach areas and the highly recommended mesh upholstery for the seat and backrests. This breathable fabric is a convenient method of circulating air in equal parts of the body which lessens the tension and stress on muscles and spine as compared to the solid fabric that compresses the heat, especially in long sitting hours.

Ergonomic office chairs

It was in 1976 when the first ergonomic office chair was introduced by William Stumpf, with a vision to keep the human body in a comfortable state and to sustain good physical health while seated, which was coined then as the ergon chair. Not later, it came out with various improvements on furniture design that have embraced the holistic of the body and became one of the profitable investments in the office furniture scene.

Today, its comprehensive design assures health benefits – not limited to improved body posture – through the scientific mechanisms present in the adjustability features. Users, when seated, are able to modify the seating from front to back, height via a gas lift, and armrests to remain in an optimal position. Doing such helps in eliminating health risks like musculoskeletal disorders, heart issues, irregular blood circulation, and alike. 

These innumerable benefits of an ergonomic office chair come with a hefty price tag, nonetheless, it guarantees long-term health insurance to the workers and the business most especially to offices that are likely to observe a sedentary work style.

Conference chairs

It is important to have a well-furnished conference room as it plays a big role in the decision-making process whether the management or the clienteles. And given a spacious conference table, it is not enough to just provide a cushioned seat out of the plethora of office chairs to give comfort.

A good conference chair would most likely have the same design as the executive chairs which is very distinct in image and character, but in the account, its backrests are in mid-range and seating is preferable to be adjusted forward-leaning to promote more interaction and have a well-versed meeting in the agendas.

Visitor chair

There are different types of visitor chairs to welcome guests in the office. Some are single-seaters made from plastics with a steel base or a cushioned one for the private rooms or offices. Either way, here are the ideal seating option that makes the most appropriate seating for the visitors:

  • Stackable chairs: This is a portable and convenient seating which is good for short queues in the reception area, moreover, it has variations in colors and designs to better compliment the image of the company.
  • Office lounge chairs: Lounge chairs are the most sophisticated visitor seating to have because of the aced comfortability of materials used. This can be displayed in the welcoming area or private rooms.
  • Visitor chair: It is a single-seater visitor chair well-padded to provide comfort during one-on-one consultations in the private offices, and likely to have a similar design as an office task chair except for the base.
  • Gang chair: The gang chairs are in a steel case finished which options to have cushions on the seat and backrests, and is a great consumption to systematize queuing in such office nuisances. 
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