6 Determinants in Buying a New Office Furniture

6 Determinants in Buying a New Office Furniture

Whether the office is in the phase of refurbishment or simply replacing other worn-out office furniture, there’s always a need for the company owners to be extra meticulous on what furniture is most likely to be appropriate for their environment. After all, they have the final say on everything.

You see, there is a lot of beautiful office furniture but I must tell you that you shouldn’t fall mainly because of the aesthetics. Now, to give a better light in making the right judgment on which is which, here are the things to consider when buying new office furniture for the workplace:

1. Budget

Definitely, you must mind the money which will be shelled out while trying to provide the best office furniture solution to the company!

Setting a working budget for the project will make a great help because it actually lenses out the type and quality of office furniture upon seeking a quotation under the provisioned requirements. This way, choosing the right office furniture contractor whom you can entrust the deal with can be identified effectively or maybe recalibrating in a more tangible cost estimate to meet the standards needed in the office.


The flexibility or adaptability of office furniture is pretty important as it promotes proficient work dynamics to employees, most especially in a small office layout. Without putting this into consideration, dead space on work areas may be overlooked or create an inefficient traffic flow on the workspace, and that might be tagged as a hazardous one.

A promising piece of office furniture that turns out to be highly recommended is the use of office workstations that is available in two versions, the modular workstation which may seem a cubicle type, and the screen panel workstation. These modular pieces of furniture could really adapt to all sorts of working environments which mends to increased work productivity. And in terms of floor space, it can make room for other office services too in verses of the limited opportunities at a regular office table.

3. Office furniture design

Now, this concept is oftentimes misunderstood. Why? Because the aesthetic figure is usually prioritized, which must be in the latter conclusion, over the technical design of the office furniture. This technical design could be a special modification on office furniture pieces to address the efficient use in the different office areas. It can be the tabletop finish, a number of office cabinet drawers, or glass partition finishes.

In regards to glass partition finishes, there are a couple of options like the switchable smart glass partitions which is powered via remote control to block the view on both sides, or the classic and non-technical variations that are on a regular demand:

  • Satin glass: A satin glass finish has a silky yet matte texture on the crystal dividers which undergoes an abrasive material to achieve a certain level of opaqueness.
  • Reflective glass: In a reflective glass finish, it portrays a one-way mirror direction that is widely used in banks to protect the privacy of customers or in the executive offices.
  • Glass film: Going for glass filmed partitions does not require a special workforce to get the job done because the application of sheets is as simple as placing a tacky sticker paper which offers a wide variety of colors and prints.

4. Durability

The price for investment counts when making a purchase of office furniture. That’s why it is essential to look upon durability features on it, so, how to find out? There are sorts of material combinations to produce an office furniture masterpiece. The last pick would be the plastic because it’s prone to wear and tear, but still a preferred option for the outer finishes such as tabletops and is very affordable and easy to maintain.

On the other hand, two of the most used materials are wood and metals. Wood furniture builds an impressive sense in style and though it is susceptible to termite destruction, high-grade solutions are implemented on each carving which could last a time like on the office tables. Meanwhile, the metal finish is a good choice for securing files and documents because today, it holds a feature of fire and rodent proofing. A great example is a mobile compactor, a massive filing system that needs an exclusive area to store up the short or long-term archives – whether large equipment and tools or confidential papers.

5. Safety

Avoiding glass tables can be an option when it comes to safety because mishaps are inevitable despite their pristine look. Another aspect in this matter is having to check the configurations on each office furniture which is usually for the office tables that must observe a standard density and height on table legs of at least 70mm and 28-inches, respectively, to display stability and create adequate legroom.

Even more, is for the office chairs which must have an uncomplicated grip for the gas lift in order to adjust the seat height to attain a comfortable seating position that prevents the occurrence of body strains; and caster wheels which should lay flat on the ground to have accessible mobility in the workplace. 

6. Warranty

Having a warranty on office furniture acts as a seal of protection to your investment. This will minimize the company expenses in case of wear and tear on the furniture piece. At Rocco Furnishing International, we provide warranty seals to make sure that it lessens the hassle to clients during unfortunate issues and to not delay the productivity scheme of the industry. Also, aftersales services are delivered to ensure quality and satisfaction among projects.

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