3 Ways to Have an Efficient Office Filing System

3 Ways to Have an Efficient Office Filing System

I bet that one of the meanest office tasks is filing official documents, right? And here’s why, first, it consumes a lot of time; second, it is highly confusing which drawer and folder to pull out; and lastly, it really does test the patience. Precisely – office filing takes the art of mastery to set it done accurately!

But gratefully, you can worry no more because there are ways to make every file organized efficiently and be a fun thing to do. All that’s needed is to implement a proper filing system and an adequate office storage cabinet. Here are the 3 simple tips to get it started:

TIP #1

Determine the workflow in the office, and that will show how you can file accordingly all the papers and other office supplies. This will also include identifying active office areas and the employees who would most likely have to retrieve official documents for certain reports, projects, and alike.

The active office areas could be taken over by the office supplies since most employees would need the materials right in a queue. Meanwhile, it would be really highly suggested to limit employee access to office cabinets containing official or confidential documents. This is a good way to delimit the chances of misplacing or mishandling papers which is most important for business matters.

TIP #2

Know what needs to be filed. There is a bunch of office stuff that has to be stored appropriately and it will not end with the mere office papers. Part of the workplaces too is the proper storage of books, equipment, or even the archiving sections which all correspond to a specific filing or storage cabinet.

  • Bookshelves: This is practically the best choice to place in books for research purposes of the company because of its visibility of titles with quick access to freehand.
  • Filing cabinets: There are two types, a lateral and a vertical, which are an immense consumption in all offices due to convenience. It mostly contains employee records, company credentials, and other business documents which are needed to be archived.
  • Mobile compactors: This is a massive storage solution that usually holds office equipment, spare tools, or gears and oftentimes used by production companies to ensure the quality of films. It requires an exclusive space with its large cube-like configuration to operate the shelf bays liberally.
  • Long span shelving: It is a frequent use in the warehouse sections of offices or commissary that shall properly handle valuable goods and services.

TIP #3

Have a filing system, it will simplify everything! Under the filing system is the grouping of materials and documents in accordance to its purpose or level of importance, which is which, and is followed by proper labeling on each. These labels can be done through printouts or a better option for you!

Today, placing document labels has become easier through the technology-based query system and one of the office furniture storage resembling it is the smart mobile compactors. This intelligent mobile shelving has body sensors to not cause accidents while the bays open up, voice commands, and LCD screens to give knowledge on the content classification of the shelving.

More to that is the independence to operate offline which doesn’t jeopardize the retrieval of such important information or collaterals most especially when the office staff urgently needs it.

You see, companies don’t necessarily have to be fully dependent on cloud storage systems because truth be told, there’s always a right office storage solution to every work environment!

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